About US | The Founder

 A specialist in organizational effectiveness and transformation with extensive experience in the development and implementation of strategic planning and management processes, in assessment for selection, job fit and promotion; and in the analysis and evaluation of organizational culture and institutional readiness for transformation.

Specialized in the use of total quality management tools to drive continuous improvement. 
Served as a consultant and advisor, mentor and coach to organizations, governing bodies and top managers.
Long-term experience in personal and relationship development and in building high performing teams.
Lecturer and trainer in the fields of Project planning and management (Project selection and portfolio, Leadership and project managers, Scope management, Project team building, Risk management, Cost estimation and budgeting, Project scheduling), quality management systems (Audit, Key performance indicators, strategic planning, policies and procedures, customer focus), human resources (Organizational structures, Job description, competency testing, performance appraisal, performance management, orientation, communication skills, leadership, time management, problem solving, feedbacks) and occupational health and safety management systems (Risk and hazard identification, risk assessment, OHS audit).
Developed, implemented and monitored total quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 13485…..) and occupational health and safety management systems –OHSMS- (Risk identification, risk assessment). 
Conducted quality and occupational health and safety internal audits.
Developed and monitored quality improvement plans with key performance indicators.
Developed job descriptions with related performance appraisals.
Coordinated and assisted managers with employee reviews and performance appraisals.
Expert in guiding and supervising complaint resolution and verifying customer satisfaction in addition to customers and employees satisfaction surveys and analysis.
Expert in revision of complaint trends and product/component failure analysis; reviews corrective actions with appropriate personnel.
Earned a post studies diploma in public health Ø¯Ø¨Ù„وم دراسات عليا في الصحة العامة 1207Ù… ع ج2004
Lecturer at the Lebanese Army Command and Staff College 
Member of the Lebanese HealthCare Management Association.
Member of the Technical Committee (TC 176 PC 288 WG 01) for the elaboration of a QMS for educational orgainzations (ISO 21001)
Certified Lead Auditor ISO 9001